Omaha’s Historic Houses of Worship

What makes a town civilized? Is it a population number? Is it the existence of an opera house or theater? Many would agree that the first hallmark of civilization is a house of worship. Omaha’s Historic Houses of Worship by Eileen Wirth and Carol McCabe is a long overdue update of the city’s religious structures. … Continue reading

The Club Dumas

The thin line between passion and obsession has always been ripe ground for storytelling. In the noirish, suspenseful The Club Dumas, dark, obsessive love erupts into violence and murder – not over a man or woman, but for some very rare books. Lucas Corso is a rare book dealer of the first order – savvy, … Continue reading

The Sisters Brothers

The best thing about book clubs is they introduce you to books you would never pick up yourself.  Such is the case with The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt.  This novel is a literary western, set against the backdrop of the California Gold Rush of the 1850’s.  It follows the story of Eli and Charlie Sisters who are on a mission to kill a man.
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Better Off Friends

What is the determining factor for two people to become friends or become more than friends? This young adult book explores that question in a high school setting. Levi and Macallan first meet when they start the seventh grade. Levi is the new kid in school who is just trying to fit in. Macallan has just lost her mother and needs someone to listen to her hurting heart.
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That Part Was True

As Eve Petworth deals with the loss of her mother, she finds solace in cooking and reading. When she writes to Jack Cooper, a famous American writer, she is surprised to receive a direct response. As they write to each other, they share recipes and slowly reveal hardships in their lives.
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Midwinterblood is a novel made up of seven mysteriously interconnected short stories, lyrical in tone and tinged with suspense and horror.  It recently won the 2014 Printz Award for best Young Adult Book of the Year, and in this reviewer’s opinion, it definitely lives up to the hype.

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Tanked: The official companion

Tanked cover artScience, creativity, and imagination all meet up in this book detailing amazing fish tanks built by the Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) team. Just some of the tanks described include the Harry Houdini tank built for Neil Patrick Harris, the KISS aquarium built for a mini-golf course, a Dunkin Donuts tank, a prank tank created for Jack*** producer Jeff Tremaine, and themed tanks centered on pinball machines, skateboarding, and more.
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The Encyclopedia of Early Earth

A man from the North Pole meets a woman from the South Pole. It’s love at first sight, but, for mysterious reasons, they cannot touch. The man from Nord, also known as “The Storyteller,” recounts the epic tale of his journey through ancient lands filled with bloodthirsty tribes, tempestuous rulers, and fickle gods to find a lost piece of his soul.
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Goodbye, Rebel Blue

Do you have a bucket list? How about considering something pretty radical – fulfilling someone else’s bucket list? In Goodbye Rebel Blue, 16 year old Rebel meets Kennedy Green while in detention at High School. They are both given the assignment to write out their own bucket list. Rebel thinks it is a joke. But Kennedy takes it more seriously and starts to write out a well-thought out bucket list, convinced that fate has brought the two of them together.
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