Cigars and Wires: the Omaha Underworld’s Early Years

The good old days – when a guy could go into a cigar shop, buy a stogie, play cards, or place a bet. That was the face of Omaha’s crime syndicate in the early 20th Century.

Blecha’s new book, Cigars and Wires, recounts Omaha’s criminal past. In those days, Tom Dennison was the crime boss and Mayor James, “Cowboy Jim”, Dahlman was his political cohort. Organized crime was alive and well in Omaha! The author has opened a window into Omaha’s shady past, showing the reader why political reform was a dire necessity.

Cigars and Wires is a well researched history of Omaha’s criminal underworld from 1911 to the late 1970’s, filled with seldom seen photos of criminals and their locales. A must for the dedicated researcher as well as crime buffs.

Request this book.

categories:             Adult             Nonfiction          History


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