Constant Lovers: a Richard Nottingham Mystery

Constant Lovers is a well-paced historical mystery set in Leeds, England, circa 1732. It is the second installment of the Richard Nottingham Mystery series. Nottingham is the Constable, John Sedgwick his deputy and Rob Lister is the new man on the job.

Richard and his deputies have the unenviable task of investigating the murder of a woman who happens to be the much younger wife of a member of the landed gentry. The three men must defend against local thugs bent on mayhem, as well as deal with indifferent parents and class prejudice.

The sense of camaraderie among the three men is what captures the imagination. Each must depend upon the other’s skills to survive in a city full of cutpurses, pimps and prostitutes as well as solve the odd murder. Chris Nickson makes the sights, sounds and especially the smells of Georgian England come alive!

If you haven’t tried this series, it is a refreshing change from the “forensic evidence” based mystery!

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categories:             Adult             Fiction             Mystery

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3 thoughts on “Constant Lovers: a Richard Nottingham Mystery

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