Broken Elements

Ten years prior to the action of this story, Aidan Brook, a water elemental, and her friend, Sera, a fire elemental,  joined together to stop a serial killer of supernaturals in their college in town, Lake Tahoe.  In the final confrontation with the killer, innocent lives were lost.  Aidan retreated from society to heal her physical and mental wounds.

Now Sera has come to find Aidan and to tell her that the murders in the magical communities have begun again.  The two women join together with other elementals and shapeshifters to find a killer, who, they are convinced, is another magical being.

In a genre full of buff woman warriors, this debut novel from a small publisher is a nice change up.  The elementals are limited to their specific power, the shapeshifters are not all alpha males and the mystery is well paced.

Request this title.

categories:             Adult             Fiction             Paranormal

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