The Borrower

Buckle up for this wild ride with Lucy Hull,  a children’s librarian in Hannibal, Missouri. Lucy didn’t set out to kidnap her favorite patron Ian Drake, but that’s exactly what it would look like to an outsider. Ian, a curious 10-year-old bookworm, has to hide the books Lucy suggests from his mother because they don’t fit his mother’s religious agenda.

As if the mother’s suggestion that Lucy censor books isn’t enough to concern her, Lucy also discovers that Ian is being sent to a class focused on “curing” gay children. One night, Lucy discovers Ian has been hiding out in the library and doesn’t want to return home. What results is a multiple-state road trip where Lucy starts to wonder if maybe she’s running away from a life she doesn’t want either.

Bibliophiles and readers of children’s books will enjoy all the references to picture books and classic children’s novels that pop up throughout the narration.

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categories:             Adult             Fiction             Quirky

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