The Elementals

Ariel is a college freshman at Berkeley, the very place that her and her best friend Jeni had been planning to attend together. On a class visit to Berkeley a few years ago, Jeni went missing, and few, if any, are still looking for clues. Ariel takes it upon herself to continue the search, and meets a trio of strangers who somehow consistently attract her back like a ravishing appetite even though she has a few strong misgivings about them. Despite enjoying a new and exciting lover who confuses and slows down Ariel’s progress, she eventually lands in the same hands that Jeni did to finally reveal the truth.

There is not as much gorgeous imagery in this book as there is in other titles by Block, but it is still an engaging read.  You can always count on Francesca Lia Block to bring up women’s issues authentically and purposefully.

Request this book.

categories:             Adult             Fiction             Coming of Age


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