The Last Dragonslayer

Fforde’s new fantasy for young people takes place in the UnUnited Kingdoms, which are inhabited by greedy royals, a last dragon, quirky wizards, scheming humans, and one sometimes frightening quarkbeast.

Jennifer Strange, a foundling, was sent to care for the Kazam House of Wizards when she was 12 years old.  Now at 16, she manages the magical doings of dozens of elderly, irascible wizards, some of them near magicless in a land where magic is fading and undocumented magic can result in immediate death to the magician.  There are rumors of the last dragonslayer and BIG MAGIC coming, just as the old wizards begin to regain some of their powers, and all signs point to the unsuspecting, non-magical Jennifer.

Fforde is best known for his adult series of fantasy/mysteries featuring Thursday Next.

Request this book.

categories:             Teen             Fiction             Paranormal

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