Goodbye for Now

Would you video chat with a dead loved one if you could? Banking on the answer being yes, Sam Elliot builds a computer program using algorithms based on the deceased’s emails, facebook posts, and twitter feeds to create a video chatting service. Customers eagerly visit Sam’s café to chat with their loved ones as a way to deal with loss or just to finish the last argument they had!  Sam is forced to scrutinize the positive and negative aspects of his service as he deals with each grieving customer session and as substantial controversy from religious groups occurs.

The book is filled with clever, witty dialogue and strong friendships anchor the story. The many touching accounts about how people died and why each mourner wants to talk to the deceased make for a quick, thought provoking read. This title is perfect for computer geeks and anyone who likes innovative plot ideas. As it turns out, the video chat projections are only as good as the electronic information shared before death. If the deceased complained about being sick all the time, that is all they will talk about on the video chat, creating a miserable experience. It makes the readers wonder what their own post-life chat would be like.

Request this book.

categories:             Adult             Fiction             Quirky


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