Fever Season

The summer of 1878 in Memphis, TN, was hot, humid and down-right miserable. Heat brought the annual plague of yellow fever. Anyone with financial means left the city for cooler homes in the country. It seemed this year’s bout would be no different from the last…

Yellow fever, a mosquito-born virus, killed more than 18,000 Memphians in a 3-month period. Social status meant nothing. Prostitutes cared for the dying while prominent religious pastors fled. Black militia guarded the city because unpaid white police officers left. Memphis was on the brink of social and economic apocalypse.

What would you do? Face death and help or flee? Jeanette Keith’s work is both a social commentary and historic narrative – read it and decide for yourself!

Request this book.

categories:             Adult             Nonfiction            History

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