The Marseille Caper

Not going to the south of France for the holidays?  Longing for a break from winter gloom?  Then pick up Peter Mayle’s second novel in his Sam Levitt series, The Marseille Caper.  Sam, a former lawyer,  wine connoisseur, and sometime sleuth, takes a job for a former “client” who needs help with negotiating a complicated land deal on Marseille’s valuable waterfront property.

While Sam and his companion, Elena, an insurance investigator, enjoy the food , the wines,  and the ever present sunshine, he comes to realize that there is more corruption involved in this situation than normal.  Mayle’s novel is quick, light, and populated with enough intriguing characters and high society bad behavior to cheer up even the gloomiest of winter days.

Request this book.

categories:             Adult             Fiction             Mystery

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