With titles such as “Cleaning Off My George Foreman Grill” and “You and Me and the Absurd Amount of Baggage You Brought into This Relationship Makes Three”, it quickly becomes apparent that this is not your average book of poetry. It is crude, full of strong language, and centered on all things male: beer, video games, food, sex, action movies, sports, and hot girls. The author puts it this way:

“Broetry is poetry that’s right for you.”

“Broetry is a literary chili cheeseburger.”

Yet somehow this thin volume of poetry works. There is an ode to Taylor Swift, an ode to Nicole Scherzinger, and an ode to a girl the author only dated for one month. One poem is particularly clever. Titled “Not Another Teen Movie”, the author tells the story of a romance, beginning to end, using only titles of movies. Broetry is recommended for readers who are not easily offended, for those brave enough to delve into the mind of a twenty-something male, and is filled with a mixture of humorous and/or emotionally charged poems relatable to every “dude”.

Request this book.

categories:             Adult             Nonfiction             Poetry


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