Always Put in A Recipe and Other Tips for Living

Imagine writing a weekly newspaper column without missing a deadline – for 63 years!! Evelyn Birkby is the holder of just such a record. She is also writer and broadcaster for KMA Radio/Kitchen Klatter, the longest running homemaker program in radio history.

Always Put in a Recipe is a collection of Evelyn’s best columns. They show Iowa farm life from the 1940’s to the 1990’s. Each column is a delicious gem of Midwest history. It also includes a great recipe for Hay Hand Rolls which I actually made!!  Hay Hand Rolls are hearty yeast rolls made with a combination of white and whole wheat flour, eggs, butter and water. They can be formed into small dinner rolls, hoagie buns, or bread loaves.

For all you uninitiated city kids, a Hay Hand was a temporary hired worker who helped bale hay. Hay is made from alfalfa which is green and fed to livestock. Straw is made from wheat and used to bed down animals. (Now you can impress your friends!)

Request this book.

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