Madame Tussaud

It is France in the year 1788 and the Revolution is about to begin.  Young sculptress Marie Grosholtz works with her family in the wax salon, the Salon de Cire in Paris.  She has become an accomplished artist and business woman and her uncle’s salon has become a meeting place for revolutionaries. At the same time she is hired as a wax tutor to the King’s sister who lives at Versailles.  Marie narrates her story of how she must straddle the line between supporting both royalty and revolutionaries, always unsure of where her allegiance should be for the safety of herself and her family.  She describes the horrors of the Revolution, beheadings and the storming of the Bastille in great detail, always in first person narrative.  Her sweet romance with Henri Charles is a nice deviation from the brutality of war.

Moran has written a fast paced, easy to read historical novel. It is a fascinating story set in a tumultuous period.

Request this book.

categories:             Adult             Fiction             Historical


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