The Uninvited

This chilling novel is a cross of dystopian, horror and science fiction genres.  Children are viciously attacking their families, loyal employees are sabotaging their work places, is there a connection?   Hesketh Lock, an anthropologist who works for an international troubleshooting firm, is sent to investigate the workplace sabotage, first to China, then to Sweden and quickly on to the Middle East.  In all of the cases he investigates the saboteurs tell him they are haunted and hunted by ancient mythological creatures come to life: dream demons, pixies, trolls and demon dwarfs.

Hesketh, who suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, is one of a few people who begin to understand that the earth is fighting back against ruin, and that creatures, possibly from another dimension, have come to change the course of history and are using children as foot soldiers in the battle.

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categories:             Adult             Fiction             Suspense

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One thought on “The Uninvited

  1. I thought this was a dreadful book. It didn’t seem like the author knew what kind of book he wanted to write: one about a dystopian future bleeding back into our present? Or one about the reactions of a man with ASD to the people and situations in his life? The author’s ultimate message seemed to be, if humanity destroys itself, it behooves us to acquiesce in our own doom.

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