Four Blue Stars in the Window

In Four Blue Stars in the Window, Nebraska native Barbara Eymann Mohrman, writes a poignant memoir of her family’s greatest generation. Inspired by mementos and interviews with her family, she tells their stories of rural Nebraska life beginning in the 1920s. Her grandparents, immigrants from Sweden, settled in Oakdale on a farm where they raised 10 children.

After enduring a grasshopper raid, drought, and the Great Depression, they faced yet another hardship when four of their sons enlisted in World War II. The family confronts these challenges with unwavering faith and commitment to each other. As family secrets unfold, one is left with admiration for the Eymann family and their hard-working, resilient, and resourceful way of life. Some might even say ‘The Good Life’!

*Meet Barbara Eymann Mohrman at the 5th Annual Book Club Blowout on April 27 from 1:30 to 3 PM at the Benson Branch.

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categories:             Adult             Nonfiction             Biography


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