Every Day

A is our protagonist without a body. Every day, A wakes up in a different body, with a different name, a different gender, a different home, a different family, a different sexuality, and a different history to assume. It is hard keeping up with all the background knowledge A needs to have to play these roles, but A knows no other way. It has been this way since birth, with no body to stay at home in, yet plenty of reasons to wish for normal circumstances.

The real predicament within this book is that A has fallen in love, hard. The days pass, but as the bodies A inhabits change – along with daily responsibilities, thoughts about Rhiannon don’t cease. How can A convince her that this is real and earn her love in spite of the ever-constant changes? Can this love story work out, even though it means manipulating the life stories of those inhabited? Would that be ethically wrong? Readers will ponder such questions in this desperate romance between two teens that are taking great risks for love just by being who they are.

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categories:             Teen             Fiction             Love Story

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One thought on “Every Day

  1. Great review! It sounds a little bit like a gender-flexible ‘Quantum Leap’. Glad to see such creativity in the world.

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