A Conspiracy of Friends

You may be familiar with Alexander McCall Smith as the bestselling author of the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency This title is the third in his series, A Corduroy Mansions Novel.  Corduroy Mansions is a well lived-in block of London’s hip Pimlico neighborhood.  The residents within are varied and charming, and McCall Smith has a gift for making the reader laugh at the characters’ various antics as they ponder many moral dilemmas.  There is Berthea Snark, a psychiatrist with an understandable loathing for her politician son, Oedipus; Barbara Ragg, a literary agent who escaped the clutches of Oedipus and is now happily in love with boyfriend Hugh; and William French, a wine merchant who owns a super intelligent dog named Freddie de la Hay.  There is lots of dry humor and gentle reminders that we could all be better people if we only tried a little harder.

The good characters and dialogue will make most readers eager for the fourth installment of this series.

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categories:             Adult             Fiction             Humorous


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