A runaway train, called a juggernaut, is racing through the vast and empty Iraqi desert.  When it is boarded by American soldiers, they find two American mercenaries barely alive. The mercenaries were the only remaining personnel of a team sent to retrieve a hoard of gold left by Saddam Hussein’s troops.

It was supposed to be an in and out mission, fly in on two helicopters, pick up the gold and fly back to Baghdad. They did not plan on the remnants of the Iraqi troops surrounding the gold nor of men turned into some sort of zombie creature.  Had they been turned by some of Saddam’s bio-chemical weapons or by something from space?

As fast moving as the juggernaut, this novel rockets along at breathtaking speed.  The characters are smart and witty, and fully capable of managing multiple weapons.  The zombies are creepy, violent, and the perfect match for our team of intrepid warriors.  Juggernaut is not for the squeamish; this is a violent novel.  The author has created a new type of zombie which sets this action/horror title apart from others.  Consider this title for your summer reading list, as you wait for the next season of The Walking Dead.

Request this book.

categories:             Adult             Fiction             Suspense

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