When We Wake

When We Wake by Karen Healey is the tale of a 16-year old girl, Tegan Oglietti, who wakes up after having been cryogenically frozen by the government for the last 100 years. Accidentally killed by a sniper while at a rally with two close friends, she finds herself in a hospital in 32nd century Australia. Because Tegan is the first who awakens successfully, she finds herself bombarded with cameras that buzz in real close like flies, confusing questions from reporters and anti-immigration activists, and she is plastered all over the media to boot.

Some of the passionate anti-immigration activists are comparing her second chance at life to the resource burden from the other migrants, or “thirdies.” When one of her security guards kills a man asking too many questions, Tegan starts to do her own research to find out the real story behind her revival. Depending on whom she asks, she continues to receive different answers about her purpose in the larger project, which makes for a typical teenage existential crisis. Though we may not understand all of the government conspiracies unraveled in the first of this thrilling dystopian series, we do get an interesting picture of how things could go horribly wrong – while trying to be so right.

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categories:             Teen             Fiction             Science Fiction

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