The Accursed

Have you been longing for some new gothic horror? Is there a book-shaped hole on your shelf where a postmodern version of Dracula should be?

Joyce Carol Oates has come to the rescue with a sprawling new work called The Accursed. In Princeton, New Jersey, 1906, a sinister stranger plucks Annabel Slade, granddaughter of the much-revered Reverend Slade of Crosswicks Manse, from the wedding altar. Following this fateful day, disembodied voices, disappearances, suicides, and strange murders plague the wealthiest families and those in Princeton unlucky enough to fall into the path of the so-called “Crosswicks Curse.” This is a challenging but worthwhile read about evil and the inconsistency of historical accounts.

Request this book.

categories:             Adult             Fiction             Horror


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