A Story Lately Told

The first of Anjelica Huston’s two-volume memoir begins with tales of her storybook childhood home (a richly-decorated estate) in Ireland, her teenage home in hip sixties London, and her troubling first years in New York.

It is a tale of wealth and fame; as the daughter of renowned director John Huston and ballerina Ricki Soma, celebrities the likes of Marlon Brando were frequent guests at the Irish estate. It is a tale of tragedy; her parents are driven apart by years of infidelity and her mother dies a premature death. But mostly, it is a coming-of-age tale. Anjelica’s story is of a girl striving to understand herself as well as her inaccessible and overbearing father and her oft-depressed mother who orbit her childhood like distant planets.

Huston’s writing is at once without sentiment and richly detailed, detached in the way of a novelist capturing a story. Readers will be as bewitched by the beauty of her world as they are by the astounding circumstance of a childhood spent in the company of famous artists.

Request this book.

categories:             Adult             Nonfiction             Biography


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