Tanked: The official companion

Tanked cover artScience, creativity, and imagination all meet up in this book detailing amazing fish tanks built by the Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) team. Just some of the tanks described include the Harry Houdini tank built for Neil Patrick Harris, the KISS aquarium built for a mini-golf course, a Dunkin Donuts tank, a prank tank created for Jack*** producer Jeff Tremaine, and themed tanks centered on pinball machines, skateboarding, and more.

Meant to be a companion to the TV show, the book contains tidbits of what wasn’t seen on TV and the challenges encountered with each aquarium. Readers also get an insight into the personal history of the team members and the rise of the business itself; there are even some recipes! Each chapter has an exotic fish featured. Tanked is filled to the brim with information, containing a FAQ section, quizzes, a list of the world’s top ten aquariums, a map of where to see public ATM tanks, and tips for amateurs diving into the world of fish for the first time. Kids, teens, fish enthusiasts, and fans of the TV show will thoroughly enjoy this book.

Request this book.

categories:             Adult             Nonfiction


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