Omaha’s Historic Houses of Worship

What makes a town civilized? Is it a population number? Is it the existence of an opera house or theater? Many would agree that the first hallmark of civilization is a house of worship.

Omaha’s Historic Houses of Worship by Eileen Wirth and Carol McCabe is a long overdue update of the city’s religious structures. It is a wonderfully illustrated volume that chronicles Omaha’s ethnic heritage through its churches and synagogues. Eileen’s book concentrates on each denomination’s “first” church, demonstrating the network of cooperation needed to survive in pioneer Omaha. Especially captivating are the recent photos of additions to the city’s religious fabric – the Hindu Temple and the Islamic Center as well as the Tri-Faith Campus, currently under construction.

A must read for Omaha history buffs!

Request this book.

categories:             Adult             Nonfiction          History


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