Slade House

Slade House cover

Immortality: humans have lusted after it since time immemorial. Jonah and Norah Grayer, the soul-eating twins at the center of David Mitchell’s new novel, think they have immortality perfected. They’ve been thirty-some years old since 1931, thanks to the fact that every nine years, a “guest” is lured into the twins’ lair, beginning in 1979 with autistic teenager Nathan Bishop, continuing in 1988 with divorced policeman Gordon Edmonds, and again in 1997 with Sally Timms, a college student investigating Slade Alley disappearances with her Paranormal Society cohorts.

Unsuspecting guests venture down cold, narrow Slade Alley (which can be found on an ordinary street next to a British working class pub called The Fox and the Hound), through a small black iron door, and into the lush garden of stately Slade House. What really goes on in Slade House? And just who are these creepy twins living inside a house of horrors? This book may keep you reading all night to find out. If you like literary genre-benders with a healthy dose of horror, this quick read is definitely worth checking out.

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categories:             Adult             Fiction        Thriller

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