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The Language of Flowers

Victoria Jones is a young woman who, abandoned at birth, has grown up in California’s foster care system.  She is angry and lonely but gets a final chance of a good home with Elizabeth, a single woman running her family’s vineyard.  Just prior to being adopted, a terrible misunderstanding occurs and Victoria is put in a group home, before becoming homeless.
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The Age of Miracles

Julia’s world is changing and not in the typical way an 11-year-old’s does as she learns to navigate the trials of middle school.

The story opens on the day that shocking news broke. The earth’s rotation is slowing. Days have become longer. Scientists suspect it will continue. Soon each day’s amount of sunlight and darkness deviates drastically from the norm. People, including Julia’s mother, begin to stock up on supplies.
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Tell the Wolves I’m Home

Have you ever felt like you belonged to another time? June Elbus–painfully shy at 14–only feels at home in the primeval woods behind her high school and in the cloisters at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with her uncle/best friend, Finn. Her older sister, Greta, torments her, her classmates ignore her, and her accountant parents have all but abandoned her as tax season approaches.
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The Elementals

Ariel is a college freshman at Berkeley, the very place that her and her best friend Jeni had been planning to attend together. On a class visit to Berkeley a few years ago, Jeni went missing, and few, if any, are still looking for clues. Ariel takes it upon herself to continue the search, and meets a trio of strangers who somehow consistently attract her back like a ravishing appetite even though she has a few strong misgivings about them. Despite enjoying a new and exciting lover who confuses and slows down Ariel’s progress, she eventually lands in the same hands that Jeni did to finally reveal the truth.
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