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The Stud Book

Attending Omaha Litfest on October 19, this author has written a darkly humorous novel that is both intimate and shocking in its details. Parents often have unspeakable thoughts and this book reveals them. Drake’s characters, male and female, explore their feelings about parenthood alongside a secondary narrative that provides insight into the complex reproduction of zoo animals.
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Meet Me at the Cupcake Café

When Issy Randall is laid off from her boring city job, she decides to follow her dreams and open a cupcake café. She is talented no doubt, since she was raised by her beloved grandpa, a successful baker. Using his recipes and her own creativity, she makes scrumptious cakes that people hunger for.
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This Is Where I Leave You

Judd Foxman walked in on his own surprise on his wife’s birthday – she was cheating on him with his boss.

As if this wasn’t upsetting enough, his father passed away and he and his family have been asked to sit Shiva – a 7-day mourning ritual. The Foxman’s aren’t exactly the happiest, closest-knit family and they aren’t quick to share their emotions so this weeklong event is full of tension. It’s quickly realized that Judd is not the only Foxman with issues.
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Telegraph Avenue

Archy Stallings, funk bassist, vinyl expert, and unwilling heir to his father’s kung-fu blaxploitation film legacy, is in crisis. Brokeland Records, his Oakland record store and livelihood, is truly broke. His friendship with his partner, Nat Jaffe, is straining as the money drains away. An estranged teenage son appears out of nowhere and Archy’s pregnant wife, Gwen, fed up with his antics, moves into the dojo down the street.
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Dora: A Headcase

Dora: A Headcase is a proudly screwy response to Sigmund Freud’s 1905 case study that riled up author Lidia Yuknavitch in a college course some years back. Protagonist Ida is sent to therapy by her adulterous father, where the psychologist she nicknames “Siggy” tries to get her to uncover her sexual needs. Ida, an underestimated young woman, records these ridiculous sessions with a device hidden in her Dora the Explorer backpack. Eventually she edits their interactions into a very critical blackmail situation. Will she give her pursuers what they want in order to be free?
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All the Truth

Nine years ago, English Professor Emma Greene was at her rural home with her five-year-old daughter while her husband was away. That night, she encounters a group of college students trespassing on their property. The ensuing confrontation changes her family forever.
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The Newlyweds

After meeting George on an online dating website, Amina leaves her home in Bangladesh to marry and live in Rochester, New York.  Amina navigates life in an unfamiliar place, plots to bring her parents from Bangladesh and struggles to build a fulfilling marriage with George.

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Alexis M. Smith’s debut novel set in the Pacific Northwest intertwines past and present in a day in the life of the introverted main character, Isabel.

Throughout the day, Isabel explores her attraction to a library co-worker, while her memories provide insight into her character and her relationships with others.

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