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The Encyclopedia of Early Earth

A man from the North Pole meets a woman from the South Pole. It’s love at first sight, but, for mysterious reasons, they cannot touch. The man from Nord, also known as “The Storyteller,” recounts the epic tale of his journey through ancient lands filled with bloodthirsty tribes, tempestuous rulers, and fickle gods to find a lost piece of his soul.
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Julio’s Day

Julio’s Day by Gilbert Hernandez, is a moving story of Julio’s lifetime, the family that raises him, and the changing world around him. The simple black and white drawings of this graphic novel display the pure emotions that we would feel around childhood bullies, a sexually abusive relative, and the horrors of war.
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Alex Barnaby and Sam Hooker meet again in Janet Evanovich’s debut graphic novel, Troublemaker. Alex and Sam just seem to attract trouble – not to mention a crew of voodoo worshipers, kidnappers, and drug dealers. For those of us old enough to remember the TV show Miami Vice, this is a sweet trip down memory lane. OK – in Miami it’s an alligator-infested swamp but who cares?
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