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White Ginger

Bai Jiang (By Chang) is a souxun (so-SOON), a people finder who works out of her office in San Francisco’s Chinatown.  Bai has a delicate relationship with the Chinese triads, gangs, who also work in Chinatown.  She was born into a triad family, is the heir of her grandfather, a former triad leader, but she has Buddhist leanings and prefers not to use violence. 
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The Likeness

Have you ever felt a friendship so strongly, that you know it is meant to be? One that even after five, ten, or twenty years, still contains laughter and pure enjoyment? The main character of this novel never did, until she goes undercover portraying a dead girl who had been part of such a friendship.


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Hell or High Water

Times-Picayune reporter Nola Céspedes is assigned to take on a story about registered sexual offenders living off the grid in post-Katrina New Orleans. Readers follow Nola on her interviews, piecing together her story while talking with parents, psychologists and the sex offenders themselves.

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The Pigeon Pie Mystery

There is a clever mystery in this delightful historical novel, but the real pleasure is in watching Princess Alexandrina, or Mink, adapt to her new home and neighbors. When her father, the Maharaja of Prindur, dies in a spectacularly scandalous situation, Mink loses her home to his debtors. The Princess is offered a home at Hampton Court Palace, as a grace-and-favor residence from Queen Victoria.

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The Marseille Caper

Not going to the south of France for the holidays? Longing for a break from winter gloom? Then pick up Peter Mayle’s second novel in his Sam Levitt series, The Marseille Caper. Sam, a former lawyer, wine connoisseur, and sometime sleuth, takes a job for a former “client” who needs help with negotiating a complicated land deal on Marseille’s valuable waterfront property.
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Darkness Bids the Dead Goodbye

Sheriff Gavin Pruitt cuts a slightly incongruous figure as keeper of law and order in Willapa County, Washington – sure, he’s got an eye for detail and a firm dedication to justice. He’s a loving father and expectant grandfather. He has roots in the community and a close relationship with other local law enforcement. There’s just that part where he’s a former hippie and lifelong fan of the Grateful Dead.

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The Bedlam Detective

Sebastian Becker – once a police detective and Pinkerton agent – enters the service of the Masters of Lunacy, agents of the Crown tasked with investigating mental illness among Britain’s 19th century gentry. He is dispatched to the estate of Sir Owain Lancaster:  eccentric, adventurer, and suspect in the brutal deaths of two local girls.

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