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Armstrong, well known for her Women of the Otherworld series, begins her new Cainsville series with this supernatural suspense story.

Olivia Taylor-Jones, a wealthy Chicago socialite, is shocked, stunned, and on the run from journalists after she is suddenly revealed to be the daughter of Chicago’s most infamous serial killers, Pamela and Todd Larsen. She finds herself in the small town of Cainsville, where the population is not all surprised to see her, and seem to know her as Eden Larsen.
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A runaway train, called a juggernaut, is racing through the vast and empty Iraqi desert. When it is boarded by American soldiers, they find two American mercenaries barely alive. The mercenaries were the only remaining personnel of a team sent to retrieve a hoard of gold left by Saddam Hussein’s troops.
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The Uninvited

This chilling novel is a cross of dystopian, horror and science fiction genres. Children are viciously attacking their families, loyal employees are sabotaging their work places, is there a connection?
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