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In the era of food blogs and iPhone cameras, pictures matter. Meatless, a sizable collection of vegetarian recipes from the Martha Stewart Living team, offers us enticing full color photos for each of the 200+ recipes. In fact, the whole book reeks of the signature Martha finesse that her followers have come to expect–sophistication and simplicity with a whiff of obsessive detail.

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Brewing British-style Beers

When Dave Line wrote Brewing Beers Like Those You Buy in 1978, hobby home brewing was at the beginning of a great revival. Retail home brew supply stores were cropping up, making quality hops, grain, and brewing equipment readily available where bread yeast and white sugar had been standard a decade before. Publishers were just beginning to turn out new books sharing information and resources for amateur brewers. In turn, the innovation and exploration pursued by home brewers were setting fire to the craft brew industry that would assert itself within ten years, and shape the world of commercial brewing as we know it today.
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