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Nine Days

In the young adult novel Nine Days, teenagers Ti-Anna and Ethan embark on a dangerous mission.Ti-Anna’s father is a Chinese activist fighting for democracy in his homeland. He is exiled from China, only to be lured back home and kidnapped. Ti-Anna and Ethan are compelled to find him before it is too late.
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The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano

Evelyn Serrano, a wide-eyed teen growing up in a Puerto Rican barrio of Harlem, is looking for independence from her parents and her neighborhood’s ubiquitous cultural heritage. Everywhere she goes folks call out her too common given name of Rosa, annoying and frustrating her. As a result, she looks for things that can make her life slightly different from the status quo. Rosa starts by changing her name to Evelyn, her middle name. She also refuses to work at her parents’ bodega, instead choosing the five-and-dime a few blocks away.
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Hobberdy Dick

Have you ever asked yourself “What would I do with a PhD in English folklore?” Katharine Briggs found her answer with Hobberdy Dick. After a long and storied career – ranging from writing such scholarly works as the comprehensive Dictionary of British folktales in the English language and The anatomy of Puck, to service as a WAAF medic – Briggs turned to children’s literature to share and apply her knowledge.
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Are you looking for a book your entire family will enjoy? Try Wonder by R.J. Palacio. August Pullman wants only to be normal, but with his severe congenital facial abnormality, sometimes normal is just out of reach. To the people who know him and love him, it is not his abnormality that makes him stand out; it is his curious, kind, and very brave heart.
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