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Better Off Friends

What is the determining factor for two people to become friends or become more than friends? This young adult book explores that question in a high school setting. Levi and Macallan first meet when they start the seventh grade. Levi is the new kid in school who is just trying to fit in. Macallan has just lost her mother and needs someone to listen to her hurting heart.
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Goodbye, Rebel Blue

Do you have a bucket list? How about considering something pretty radical – fulfilling someone else’s bucket list? In Goodbye Rebel Blue, 16 year old Rebel meets Kennedy Green while in detention at High School. They are both given the assignment to write out their own bucket list. Rebel thinks it is a joke. But Kennedy takes it more seriously and starts to write out a well-thought out bucket list, convinced that fate has brought the two of them together.
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A Long Walk to Water

Eleven-year old Salva Dut’s world is torn apart when rebels invade his village in South Sudan in 1985. Fleeing from the fighting and separated from his family, Salva endures starvation, dehydration and incarceration in refugee camps before immigrating to the United States in 1996. One of the “Lost Boys” of Sudan, Salva’s story illustrates the resiliency of the human spirit.
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Why We Broke Up

Daniel Handler, the author who wrote the A Series of Unfortunate Events books under the pen name Lemony Snicket, turns to young adults in this novel of first love. Min, the film-obsessed narrator, is writing a letter to her ex-boyfriend. The letter explains the items in a box that she’s returning to him. Each item holds a memory of their relationship and presents a small case for why they broke up.
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